As part of the accompaniment of the Prefectural and Provincial Councils in order to support them in the exercise of the functions entrusted to them in accordance with the relevant regulatory law, and following the reception given by M. le Wali, Director General of Local Communities, to the members of the Executive Board of the Moroccan Association of the Presidents of Prefectural and Provincial Councils, on 20 January 2020, a think tank was set up under the supervision of the Governor in charge of Cooperation and Documentation, in order to present a vision aiming at strengthening the positioning of this local authority on the chessboard of territorial institutions.

And in order to broaden the debate on the action plan that was developed by this unit, an interactive workshop was organized on Monday, March 2, 2020, at the headquarters of the Directorate General of Local Authorities under the joint chairmanship of the Governor who supervises this unit and the President of the Association, in the presence of some Presidents members of the Executive Board, five heads of divisions of local authorities, five heads of services in Prefectures and Provinces, an executive of the directorate specializing in this area, as well as some executives of the Association.

This workshop was an opportunity for a serious and open discussion on the most important difficulties that stand in the way of the effective and adequate implementation of the attributions of these Councils:

  • The ambiguity of attributions and the lack of convergence between development plans and certain public programmes that overlap with the attributions of the Prefectural and Provincial Councils in the social field;
  • Discussion of ways of improving own financial resources and diversifying the mechanisms for financing projects and programmes;
  • Human resources and what their management entails, particularly with regard to shortcomings in supervision and monitoring, as well as the establishment of legal mechanisms to motivate territorial human resources and attract skills;

The results of this workshop will lead to a roadmap to correct the course of action of this local authority, by putting in place the necessary administrative, organizational and legal measures.


  • This workshop will also serve as a reference for continuing the public dialogue aimed at strengthening the role of the Prefectural and Provincial Councils in the decentralization process in our country.

In order to be able to increase consultations and collect suggestions, please download the form and send it to the Association by e-mail.